Simo Santavirta

Craftsman Of The Digital Era

I create realtime 3D graphics on desktop, slick native mobile apps on iOS or Android. Big or small screen, all goes. I have 20 years of experience in programming and digital design. No matter if it's UX, vector graphics, layout design, backend, frontend, demos, visualisations or whatever, I will love it. I'm currently working at Headai as Creative Director.

Conrad Wise

This Dude Knows Everything

Conrad Wise is really smart. He knows a lot about over 5 million topics, speaks several languages and has terabytes of images. Wouldn't it be cool to talk with such a creature? Well now you can! By chatting with him you'll learn new things in an easy, fun and familiar way.

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The Black Edition

The Porsche Black Edition

Thanks to Porsche, good people of UDG – United Digital Group and Technical Director Frank Reitberger, I was selected as one of three digital artist to collaborate with them to create a WebGL art piece around the new Porsche design line; The Black Edition.

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The New 911

The New Porsche 911

Porsche wanted to setup a ‘Webspecial’ that sets new limits and standards in showcasing all new features, facets and of course the unique design of the new 911 in realtime 3D. It was my honour to join the team with Frank Reitberger and David Leanarts to make this happen.


3D in mobiles

It's possible to create realtime 3D content on mobiles, but native code is pretty much the only way that makes sense. That's why I use Fuse... and simply because it rocks!


Levi's - What Moves You?

As a part of Levi's Make Our Mark -campaign I teamed up with Tony Parisi to work with AKQA San Francisco's Rei Inamoto. “What moves you” is a WebGL art piece that let's you take part of building an audio reactive heart made of Instagram images and songs that moves you.


APEXvj - Good Vibes

The next-gen music visualizer, an artificial intelligence that turns sound waves into pixels and animation — getting your dopamine flowing. APEXvj was started years ago as an experimental project and has served millions of people since then.

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